Words into sentences


Teacher: Do you love playing with chalk?

Me: Yes I do, but not that much.

2.tape-կպչուն ժապավեն

Teacher: Is tape sticky?

Me: No it isn’t.

Teacher: That’s wrong, the tape is sticky.


Rainbow: Am I colorful?

Me: No, you aren’t.

Rainbow: Ok, could you bring me a lot of paint?

Me: Sorry, I don’t have enough paint for you.


Paper: Can you kill me scissors?

Scissors: Yes I can.

Paper: Ok kill me or cut me.

Scissors: Ok om, nom


Paper piece: We can’t stick together, we just need help.

Paper piece 2: I know we can’t.

Glue: Did I hear help?

Paper pieces: Yes, you did, you heard it right.

Glue: Can I help you guys?

Paper pieces: Yes you can.

Glue: Ok I’ll just help you.

Paper pieces: Yayyyy


Cardboard king: Why if cardboard dies, it turns into 3 old paper?

Cardboard king member: Because cardboard is made out of 1 wavy brown strong paper and 2 strong brown papers


Spider king: Why spiders shoot spiderwebs?

Spider: I don’t know.

String: Because spiderwebs are like sticky string and spiderwebs have the same name as spiders.


Me: Do you have some tape?

Ribbon: No, I don’t.

Tape: But I have tapes.

Glue: Tape you are mine.

Ribbon: I’m yours too, but you look a little bit empty.

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