All about me

Hello my name is Mark. My nickname is markandtheslime. My last name is Grigoryan. Im 8 years old but after 4 days i will turn 9.

I play minecraft and roblox. I sometimes rage by lag and i hate it or something in roblox that is extremely hard i rage by that too 😦 .My favorite thing is my computer. My pet is a cat and her name is Psonya and she is a little bit crazy and she is almost 1 year old. The channels im subscribed to unspeakable, unspeakable 2.0, unspeakableplays, unspeakablegaming, moose, moosecraft, munchkin. My favorite thing to do when i cant play with my computer i go outside and play with other kids and we they live in the same building as me. This building has 10 floors and i live in 7th floor. I love traveling but i cant because its corona all over the earth.

There is a big bottle in our freezer and we are waiting to go to our country house and destroy it. My favorite food are dumplings, sausages, pasta, burgers, sandwich, banana. My mom has a baby in her belly and she will be born soon. When i grow up i want to become a miner, farmer and programmer. My favorite color is green, cyan and combination of green and cyan.

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