The most defended village in minecraft

When they started they don’t even have a village. The first they get a wood and craft a crafting table. Then they crafted a wooden pickaxe and mine some stone and craft a stone pickaxe and mine some iron ore. After that they smelt the iron ore and get iron ingot. 1 miner, 1 farmer and 1 mason says why we are mining more to get diamonds, we only need houses, foods, iron golems, so why we are mining more? We already have enough iron for 25 iron golems and even 10 iron golems аre enough. If we don’t have enough iron golems, we should go mine some more iron. Blacksmith said “I’am crafting things with iron and I don’t have enough iron to craft something. Mason you are using stone to craft something and I know you are novice villager and I think you messed up and did something wrong and destroyed all your stone and you are lying that we have enough things. Mason said “Oh I forgot we are building the most defended village, so go mine some more to defend the village with stone first, and I think we need protection from endermans. They can teleport here and attack us and we need some more iron for iron golems and for blacksmith. Blacksmith your are wrong. When I told I’m a novice villager, bu I said you that like 12 years ago and now I’m an expert villager.”

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